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Below are fine art pieces I have created either in college, high school, or just on my own for the fun of it. Pllease feel free to browse and see larger images of each thumbnail by selecting individual images. Due to the number of images on this site, it may take a few minutes to fully load depending on your equipment and internet speed.
PLEASE NOTE: All images, designs, animations, illustrations, drawings, paintings, sculpture, computer artwork, and all other like works contained in the portfolio section and throughout this site are © Copyright 2010 and property of Artaeffex, Roger T. Waller, and/or clients respectively, and all applicable current artwork owners, and MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED, USED, OR REPRESENTED WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION OF SAID PERSONS.

Fine Art (contains artist nudity, viewer discretion advised)

Angel of the Dawn oil painting Bernini sculpture sketch Bob Marley stiple and ink wash Boots - nude sketch
Boris Vallejo sketch study Suspension Bridge balsa sculpture Butthills oil texture painting Tutankhamun photo study sketch pencil
King Tutankhamun watercolorr Modern Society oil painting Despair oil painting Egyptian Self Portrait oil
Florida texture study oil Weird Flower sketch study David Gilmour sketch pencil Reclining Nude sketch pencil
Horse sketch Horse Roman Sculpture sketch Jimi Hendrix loose oil Jimi Hendrix sketch pencil
Jimi Hendrix ink stiple Jimi Hendrix loose sketch Joseph Smith loose sketch KISS jacket acrylic
Lingerie Nude sketch pencil George Lynch sketch Prismacolor Still Life oil Abstract Universe oil
James Hetfield old sketch pencil Life Drawing Nude charcoal Pharoah Sculpture colored pencil Strange Planet texture study oil
Still Life pencil Puma Prismacolor Vast Universe oil Reclining Nude on Couch oil
The Warrior tye-dye cloth Pink Floyd egg acrylic Jimi Hendrix egg acrylic Abstract Bass prismacolor

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