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Welcome to the Artaeffex Graphic Design site.

This is a showcase of the various projects and artwork that I have designed and/or created either for past employers, clients, and/or college projects and personal enjoyment. This online portfolio reflects my former and current skills, abilities, and knowledge through the presentation of my varied works. Feel free to browse through, however please do not use any of my work without permission. Thank you for your interest.

Roger T. Waller

PLEASE NOTE: All images, designs, animations, illustrations, drawings, paintings, sculpture, computer artwork, and all other like works contained in the portfolio section and throughout this site are © Copyright 2010 and property of Artaeffex, Roger T. Waller, and/or clients respectively, and all applicable current artwork owners, and MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED, USED, OR REPRESENTED WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION OF SAID PERSONS.